SysAdmin Magazine August: Latest Data Breaches

It seems that a new data breach comes every day now – or do we merely pay more attention to these news? And it’s worth reading about all the inside jobs and hacker attacks just to ask yourself one more time: is the security policy of my organization really bulletproof, or am I doing the … Continued

SysAdmin Appreciation Day 2015: Power2ITGuyz Contest

Today we launch a worldwide contest for system administrators to honor IT Pros and give out some prizes – SysAdmin Appreciation Day is soon to be upon us. So join us in celebration by supporting the #Power2ITGuyz movement! This contest is for IT Pros only, and all you have to do is: Come up with … Continued

Office of Personnel Management Hacked Again

Not for the first time in the past twelve months the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM), an independent government agency that manages the civil service, announced 21.5 million background check records were compromised in a security breach, along with 1.1 million fingerprints and 1.8 million social security records, and applicant usernames and passwords. … Continued

Easy Event Log Querying with PowerShell

If you’re using any kind of native Active Directory (AD) auditing today you probably love the information it generates in the security event log. Native AD auditing is awesome about generating loads of useful information as to what happened and when. The problem arises when you actually want to read that information and figure out … Continued

Hacker Team Hacked: A Strong Case for Stronger Passwords

It’s unfortunate when anyone is the victim of a hack or data compromise, but put the moniker ‘hacker’ or ‘security expert’ in your name and you’re sure to identify yourself as a target. Italy’s Hacking Team was such a target. One of the first security “laws” that you learn from security courses is that strong … Continued

Visibility into Virtual Environment: Focus on VMware Server Security

Virtualization is something that has been gaining popularity among IT Pros in past several years, and not without reason. Multiple operation systems and applications can be run on a single server thus saving costs and resources. But virtual machines, not unlike any other part of IT infrastructure, are exposed to intrusions – external as well as … Continued