Create AD Users in Bulk and Email Their Credentials Using PowerShell

Every year, educational institutions enroll hundreds of students. As a result, the institutions’ system engineers require extra time and effort to create an AD account for each student and then to manually inform the students about their usernames and passwords. This step-by-step guide will make system engineers’ lives a little easier with the help of … Continued

Security Tip: Enable Azure AD Self-Service Password Reset

Helpdesk-assisted password resets can account for 20% of an organization’s IT budget, but in the past, required the use of third-party software for Active Directory that could be difficult to set up and maintain. In this article, I’ll show you how to enable self-service password resets for Azure AD users only. While it’s beyond the … Continued

[Infographics] Is Cloud Secure for Healthcare?

Healthcare organizations face multiple pressure when it comes to data security: high customer expectations, critical internal policies, strict compliance regulations, and increased attention from hackers, since the interest to personally identifiable information is only growing. The cloud offers a host of benefits, but can it provide the level of security required by the sensitive nature … Continued

2017 SysAdmin Blog Awards Winners

Hi IT Pros, Thank you for voting in the 2017 SysAdmin Blog Awards! The awards, which are run by SysAdmin Magazine, recognize the brightest and most tech-savvy blogs for their expertise in the IT field and their commitment to raising awareness about IT trends among industry professionals. The winners were determined by SysAdmin Magazine’s editorial … Continued

IT Trick: View Azure AD Sign In Activity

Need to know who’s logging in to your cloud directory or Office 365? With this tip, I’ll show you where to find information about user sign in activity in the Azure management portal. Until recently, there was no single log view for sign in information in the Azure Active Directory (AAD). That changed in November … Continued

6 Rules to Improve Your PL/SQL Packages Security

Using PL/SQL code in your system has many advantages. However, it can be insecure if it isn’t done right. In this article, I’ve outlined a few practices you can follow to improve the security of your Oracle PL/SQL code. Use Packages Instead of Procedures or Functions The easiest way to implement PL/SQL code is to … Continued

2017 SysAdmin Blog Awards Finalists

Hi IT Pros, Thank you for taking the time to vote for the winners of the 2017 SysAdmin Blog Awards. The shortlist was determined by SysAdmin Magazine’s editorial team based on the regularity of blog posts, the variety of topics covered and feedback from readers. Here are the 2017 SysAdmin Blog Awards finalists: Best Cloud … Continued