Brian Keith Winstead

Brian is a writer and editor who has covered the computer technology space for many years. Formerly, he was a senior associate editor for Windows IT Pro, specializing in Exchange Server, messaging, mobility, unified communications, and cloud computing.
Security & Compliance
11 November, 2014

Backoff Malware: "Unsophisticated" But Effective

Look, I’m not trying to scare you, although I don’t think it’s a bad idea to be a little scared about the current threat level from data breaches. The Backoff malware that’s suspected to be...
Security & Compliance
4 August, 2014

Data Breaches Come in All Shapes and Sizes

We’re most likely to hear about the largest data breaches, the ones that affect big companies and lots of consumers, or the ones that involve nefarious hacking exploits to invade IT systems and...
IT Operations
29 July, 2014

Top 5 Tips for a New Network Administrator

Imagine you’re in the position to take over a new job as a network administrator. Finally, you get to be the boss! Sounds good, right? But what if you’re taking over a network that you know...
Security & Compliance
6 June, 2014

Network Auditing vs NSA Surveillance

Last December, Microsoft published an article on its official blog detailing steps the company planned to take to protect its customers’ data from government snooping. Written by Brad Smith,...
Security & Compliance
14 May, 2014

Top 5 Security Lessons for IT from the Target Data Breach

Although the data breach at retailer Target took place several months ago, new information continues to surface, and the ripples for the IT industry will no doubt continue for a very long time. For...
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