Deb Shinder

Deb is a technology and security analyst, consultant and author specializing inidentity, security and cybercrime. Deb focuses on Microsoft products, and has been awarded the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award in the field of enterprise security for 15 years in a row.
Security & Compliance
24 March, 2015

Data Governance: The Key to Compliance

In a legislation-laden era, more and more organizations are falling under the mandates of governmental or industry regulation. The requirements can be complex and confusing, and it’s hard to know...
Security & Compliance
7 October, 2014

5 Reasons to Reassess Your IT Security Strategy

If you’ve been in the IT field for a while, you know that one thing you can depend on is that you can’t depend on anything to stay the same. Technology is always advancing, trends are always...
Security & Compliance
18 October, 2013

Top 6 Security Breaches that Auditing Would have Prevented

Because IT security breaches have become so prevalent, the common model for addressing them is often more reactive than proactive. Have you given up and given in to the idea that breaches are...