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Martin Garland

Martin Garland, one of the three founders of Concept Searching, now part of Netwrix Corporation, has over 27 years’ experience in search, classification, and enterprise content management. His keen understanding of the information management landscape and his business acumen provide a solid foundation for guiding organizations to achieve their business objectives using best practices, industry experience, and technology. Martin’s expertise has assisted multi-national clients in diverse industries to understand the value of managing unstructured content to improve business processes. Martin was instrumental in setting the strategic direction for Concept Searching and navigating its acquisition by Netwrix Corporation. Martin serves as President of the Concept Searching business unit at Netwrix Corporation.
22 August, 2019

Top FAQs about Records Management, Answered

It is a common misconception that the advent of electronic records management means we have left the world of paper files behind. Unfortunately, that is not the case; there are still plenty of...
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