Full-featured Netwrix Disk Space Monitor is now 100% free-of-charge

Great news: full-featured edition of this award-winning systems management tool is now available at absolutely no cost for unlimited number of servers (before this, the freeware edition supported up to 10 servers only). Server disk space is a critical resource that must be closely watched to prevent potential server downtime and failures. How many times … Continued

The scary truth about compliance audits…

I recently read an article on computing.co.uk written by research and analysis firm Quocirca stating that less than “20% of organisations fully automate the gathering of data for audits”. Does this surprise me? Not one bit! A majority of organisations we talk to are still taking a “fire fighting” approach to auditing often using native … Continued

Kroll names log management, compliance and breach notification among top 10 cyber security priorities in 2012

Just a few months ago, Kroll, a leading risk consulting company, announced the Top-10 Cyber Security trends for 2012. So far, they have been right on the mark. In this announcement, Kroll identifies specifically: Management and Analysis of logs, Compliance, and Breach Notification as a few of the most significant cyber security trends making an … Continued

Configuration Auditing is the #1 Security Technology for Next 5 Years According to Forrester

According to a recent Forrester Research, TechRadar report, configuration auditing tops the list of 5 Security Technologies for next 3 to 5 years. Per Forrester, configuration auditing systems will be in much wider use because of the increasing number of data breaches and current regulatory environment and “have the potential to become ubiquitous in enterprise … Continued