Full-featured Netwrix Disk Space Monitor is now 100% free-of-charge

Great news: full-featured edition of this award-winning systems management tool is now available at absolutely no cost for unlimited number of servers (before this, the freeware edition supported up to 10 servers only).

Server disk space is a critical resource that must be closely watched to prevent potential server downtime and failures. How many times have you gotten unexpected errors, lost data, and downtime just because the free space slowly went below an acceptable level?

This monitoring tool will send you daily summary reports regarding all servers that are running low on disk space (below a certain used space threshold) including domain controllers, file servers, SharePoint servers, Exchange servers, database servers and others.

Please note that the license code is provided on the download page after a brief registration.

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Product benefits include:
  • Monitoring multiple servers at a time
  • Daily reports about all servers running below certain disk space thresholds
  • Easy set up and configuration
Daniel is a former Marketing Communications Manager at Netwrix. He has 10+ years of experience in IT and telecoms marketing. Daniel is always focused on delivering various software and hardware solutions from the scratch to customer's satisfaction all over the World.