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15 October, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

Data Governance Framework: Key Questions to Consider

The importance of a formalized data governance program rises with the amount of data in the organization. Smaller companies often have separate data governance processes that help with a limited scope of data-related problems, but larger enterprises commonly need to get a more formal corporate data...
8 October, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

Introduction to eDiscovery (Electronic Discovery)

Today, organizations often have terabytes of data, any of which could possibly be relevant to a legal case. Making this data discoverable is critical for legal professionals, but it’s an arduous task for the IT teams that support them. This article explores what eDiscovery is and strategies...
19 September, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

What Is Data Governance: Definition, Benefits and Implementation

Your organization’s data is a strategic asset. Just like your finances and customer relationships, it needs proper management. When critical data is disorganized, organizations can face penalties for not complying with regulations, rising costs for storing and managing duplicate data, and other...
9 May, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

How to Find the Right DLP Approach for Your Organization

For any business, protecting sensitive data is anything but simple. Data volumes are growing rapidly, and all too often, users create confidential files and spread them to unsecure locations. Meanwhile, IT security teams have limited resources and face enormous pressure, since the both company’s...
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