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Ryan Brooks

Product Evangelist at Netwrix Corporation, writer, and presenter. Ryan specializes in evangelizing cybersecurity and promoting the importance of visibility into IT changes and data access. As an author, Ryan focuses on IT security trends, surveys, and industry insights.
14 January, 2020

Data Governance Best Practices

Your data assets are vital to the success of your business. Are your data management practices as good as they can be? This article explores the nature of data governance and explains the key data...
Security & Compliance
2 January, 2020

Data Security Basics and Data Protection Essentials

Data is the most valuable corporate asset for any business. No matter what industry you are in, it’s critical to take care of your data, whether it is financial reports and healthcare records, or a...
30 December, 2019

Knowledge Management 101

Knowledge management (KM) is the discipline of not only capturing knowledge, but also storing, using and sharing knowledge. While defining the term in a general way is straightforward, each KM...
Security & Compliance
24 December, 2019

A Perfect Storm in Cybersecurity

Is there a shortage of cybersecurity talent? What are the main challenges that cybersecurity pros are facing? If you are looking to understand the issues that matter most in cybersecurity, there is...
Security & Compliance
17 December, 2019

Data Subject Access Request (DSAR): The Essentials

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) grants individuals the right to find out what personal data an organization (called a data controller) holds about them by submitting a data subject...
Security & Compliance
17 December, 2019

The Shift to Data-Centric Security

Traditionally, data protection has focused on securing the perimeter — trying to keep intruders out of systems and networks where sensitive data is stored. But with the rise in cloud computing,...
Security & Compliance
12 December, 2019

The Right to be Forgotten: EU laws and U.S. Concerns

One of the fundamental data privacy rights protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the right to be forgotten. This GDPR provision can be quite a burden for organizations...
Security & Compliance
21 November, 2019

Top IT Priorities for 2020

In October 2019, Netwrix asked IT pros to name the five IT projects that will be their top priorities in 2020. We got feedback from 846 respondents worldwide. This is what we learned from their...
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