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7 March, 2019 | Jeff Melnick

How to Use SharePoint Item-Level Permissions

SharePoint item-level permissions affect the management of lists, folders and documents and the viewing of items and application pages. These permissions can be grouped together to create permission levels, which can be assigned to users and groups directly. These permissions consist of three...
26 February, 2019 | Jeff Melnick

How to Manage SharePoint Permission Groups

Understanding SharePoint groups Microsoft SharePoint groups enable you to manage sets of users instead of individual users. A group can include individual SharePoint users, as well as users or groups from any identity management or domain services system, such as Active Directory Domain Services...
19 February, 2019 | Liam Cleary

6 Tips to Improve SharePoint Security

Historically, security was the job of IT administrators alone. With SharePoint, however, comes a significant paradigm shift: Ensuring SharePoint security is a joint responsibility shared by IT and end users. SharePoint is one of the most popular platforms for collaborative working and sharing of...
12 February, 2019 | Liam Cleary

Manage SharePoint Permissions Like a Pro

As an IT or SharePoint administrator, you have to manage the security of your farm, including properly provisioning the service accounts and end users that require access to SharePoint. Here, we explore how permissions in SharePoint work and best practices for using them to maximize SharePoint...
26 December, 2018 | Jeff Melnick

Understanding SharePoint Permissions

The Purpose of SharePoint Permissions SharePoint permissions control the access that employees, partners, third-party suppliers and others have to your SharePoint content. You can choose who can read specific information and who cannot. SharePoint permissions extend not only to display data in...
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