Jeff Melnick

Jeff is a Director of Global Solutions Engineering at Netwrix. He is a long-time Netwrix blogger, speaker, and presenter. In the Netwrix blog, Jeff shares lifehacks, tips and tricks that can dramatically improve your system administration experience.
Security & Compliance
May 13, 2021

SIEM vs Log Management

It now takes organizations 207 days to identify and 73 days to contain security breaches, according to IBM's 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report. That means the average "lifecycle" of an incident is a...
IT Operations
April 26, 2021

Active Directory Auditing Guidelines

Active Directory and AD Group Policy are foundational elements of any Microsoft Windows environment because of the critical role they play in account management, authentication, authorization, access...
IT Operations
April 21, 2021

Top Best Network Monitoring Tools of 2021

If you don’t know the state of your network, you're like a blind pilot, inevitably headed for disaster. Fortunately, the market now offers many good software solutions, both commercial and open...
IT Operations
April 23, 2021

Best Active Directory Management Tools

IT teams rely on Active Directory (AD) to keep networks secure and maintain user accounts — but they often need to adhere to strict budget limitations when it comes to selecting software to help....
IT Operations
February 3, 2021

Best Server Monitoring Software Tools

If you don’t know the state of your network and server health every second of the day, you’re like a blind pilot inevitably headed for disaster. Fortunately, the market now offers many good...
Security & Compliance
January 28, 2021

Top GDPR Solutions for Security and Consent Management

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of provisions and requirements governing data protection and privacy for individuals across the European Union. It applies to any business or...
IT Operations
January 15, 2021

Top 11 NTFS Permissions Tools for Smarter Administration

Managers and compliance auditors often ask IT admins to present a report listing file share permissions granted to a group or a particular user. Here are a few paid and free tools that will help you...
Security & Compliance
April 4, 2021

Cloud Computing Security Tools: Choosing the Right Solutions

No matter where you host your data, there are always risks. The public cloud is no exception. While providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google offer security features, ultimately, cloud security is...
Security & Compliance
April 8, 2021

Data Classification in Microsoft 365

More and more organizations are recognizing the power and value of data classification. By accurately classifying and labeling the information you store, you can: Strengthen security by...
IT Operations
April 7, 2021

Guide to SQL Server Permissions

For anyone managing a SQL Server database, understanding permissions is critical to ensuring that only authorized users are able to view and modify data. This article explains the different types...
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