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12 December, 2017 | Ryan Brooks

Insider Threat Detection: 10 Techniques for Top-to-Bottom Defense

In a recent post, How to Mitigate the Risk of Employee Data Theft, we looked at employee data theft as one of the top insider threats that can jeopardize your organization’s cyber and information security. We talked about how you can minimize this risk by implementing best practices, such as...
7 December, 2017 | Pierre Dehombreux

7 Tips to Avoid Data Theft by Ex-Employees

By Pierre Dehombreux, Director of Information Technology, Whiteriver Unified School District Disabling the user accounts of fired employees right after their dismissal does not guarantee they won’t break through your defenses. For example, they can bribe friendly and perhaps sympathetic former...
14 November, 2017 | Jeff Melnick

Hot Tips: How to Harden Privileged Account Security

Privileged accounts are user accounts with extended permissions to access systems and data, such as the root account in Unix and Administrator accounts in Windows. Sometimes they are called “the keys to the kingdom” because a privileged account enables you do things ordinary users can’t, such...
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