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Matt Middleton-Leal

General Manager EMEA at Netwrix. Matt holds a CISSP certification and has over 19 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. He has worked for many organizations, specializing in areas such as risk management, identity and access management, and network and database security. In the Netwrix blog, Matt shares insights on how to achieve greater levels of security and compliance.
26 November, 2019

A Data Governance Strategy that Works

Data management is critical to the success of any business endeavor larger than a lemonade stand. A business must be able to supply its people with the data assets they need to carry out their...
Security & Compliance
30 January, 2019

How to Prevent Intellectual Property Theft by Insiders

Intellectual Property (IP) is often the most important asset that a company has, because development of innovative solutions is the most efficient way for companies to compete in an all-tech world....
Security & Compliance
23 January, 2019

Top 5 Human Errors that Impact Data Security

Tighter data protection regulations have forced businesses to put data security at the top of their priority list. However most companies still lack a strong cybersecurity culture among their...
Security & Compliance
11 December, 2018

Three Steps to Justify an Investment in IT Security

Since there is no such thing as 100% security, investments in it never seem to be enough. In regards to budgeting, the role of a CISO is to prioritize available resources based on the IT risks the...
Security & Compliance
12 September, 2018

Compliance Rush: Five Mistakes that Can Screw Your Company

In April 2018, shortly before the GDPR came into force, IDC reported that only 29% of small businesses and 41% of midsize businesses in Europe had taken steps to prepare for the regulation. Now the...
Security & Compliance
7 August, 2018

How to Calculate Return on Security Investment

During my 20+ year career in IT, I have been involved in projects from many different angles. I have been an end user and a consultant; I have managed technology and I have sold it. But throughout it...
Security & Compliance
14 June, 2018

GDPR Confusion: 7 Common Myths Busted

The day before the deadline for GDPR compliance, I received emails from 8 different companies asking for my consent for them to collect data about me. But I can’t even remember how I got on these...
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