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23 January, 2019 | Matt Middleton-Leal

Top 5 Human Errors that Impact Data Security

Tighter data protection regulations have forced businesses to put data security at the top of their priority list. However most companies still lack a strong cybersecurity culture among their employees. In fact, a recent paper by Osterman Research reports that less than half (42%) of organizations...
30 August, 2018 | Jeff Melnick

Privileged Access Management in Windows Server

Many organizations struggle to secure their systems because their Active Directory is already compromised. AD is usually compromised by insiders or successful attacks on them. So how to keep environment protected even when a privileged your account got hacked? Microsoft Windows Server 2016 has...
22 February, 2018 | Ryan Brooks

SysAdmin Magazine: Keep a Close Eye on Permissions

Permissions are often called the keys to a company’s network kingdom, and there’s a good reason. In the February edition of SysAdmin Magazine, you’ll discover the shocking truth about the danger of over-privileged users. With this knowledge, you can right-size permissions in your environment...
26 December, 2017 | Russell Smith

Secure Privileged Access with ESAE Model

Ensuring that systems are patched and that defense-in-depth security protections are working effectively, top the list of concerns for IT departments. But despite these efforts, security breaches are still on the rise because operational issues are commonly ignored. Best practice dictates that...
5 December, 2017 | Ryan Brooks

How to Detect Privileged Account Abuse

This post continues the series in which we discuss the threat of privilege abuse. Previously, we talked about what you should know about the threat of privileged users and three key things you can do now to start to gain the control you need over privileged users. In this post, we are going to talk...
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