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15 August, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

Introduction to Information Governance

Today, companies are experiencing explosive growth in both the volume and variety of data they collect, store and process. Unfortunately, many of them do not understand what types of data they are handling and what value it has, so they cannot maintain proper control over it. As a result, they...
11 March, 2016 | Michael Fimin

Top Five Hottest Trends at RSA 2016 Conference

The 25th 2016 RSA Conference, held in San Francisco, CA, has brought together the record number of attendees from all over the world to discuss major IT industry trends and upcoming challenges. For the past years, RSA Conference has been raising different hot topics, from unstructured data...
24 March, 2015 | Deb Shinder

Data Governance: The Key to Compliance

In a legislation-laden era, more and more organizations are falling under the mandates of governmental or industry regulation. The requirements can be complex and confusing, and it’s hard to know where to start in creating and enforcing policies that will keep your company in compliance, so many...