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20 December, 2016 | Larry Glusman

Security Practices: 3 Good Reasons to Gap Your Backup

Everyone knows how important it is to back up their data, right? Sadly, I feel like I should laugh after saying that because I know many people that don’t understand this basic concept. If you are reading this though, you are likely in the IT field, so should know that old saying: If you aren’t...
22 February, 2016 | Vlad de Ramos

IT Security Standards: What Is Best for My Organization (Part 1)

While it was a common concern for computing people to implement security measures within their information assets, there has to be a “de facto”, meaning, the standards which focuses on the minimum solutions that addresses information security concerns on an industry or on a regulatory...
17 August, 2015 | Krishna Kumar

Securing SharePoint: How and Why

SharePoint is one of the easiest applications to deploy and install, but it is not easy to configure with full proof security. Many administrators just perform the basic deployment without much security configuration. There is no set configuration to make it fully secure, since every environment is...
17 July, 2015 | Russell Smith

Office of Personnel Management Hacked Again

Not for the first time in the past twelve months the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM), an independent government agency that manages the civil service, announced 21.5 million background check records were compromised in a security breach, along with 1.1 million fingerprints and...
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