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Richard Muniz

Richard is a freelance IT consultant, a blogger, and a teacher for Saisoft where he teaches VMware Administration, Citrix XenApp, Disaster Planning and Recovery for IT, and Comptia Server+
Security & Compliance
9 September, 2016

Good SIEM Setups Go Bad

SIEM is a system, that collects logs and other security related data for analysis.  In most cases, it installs an agent someplace that gathers security-related events from the various pieces of...
IT Operations
19 July, 2016

How to Secure Your Company from Rogue Administrators

Sometime back, I chronicled one of the most infamous “hacks” that ever happened. A gentleman named Jason Cornish brought the Shionogi Pharmaceutical Company to its knees. In a nutshell, he and...
IT Operations
10 June, 2016

Tips to Avoid Detrimental Changes in VMware

Maintaining the performance and security of your virtual environment on a daily basis is an important — and non-trivial — task. VMware monitoring tools are a critical component of a solid...
Security & Compliance
29 April, 2016

5 Initiatives to Enhance Security Awareness in Organization

Some time ago there was a big discussion on Spiceworks about FedEx data leakage. Roughly 5 GBs of data was going from it daily to an IP address in Bulgaria.  Since a third-party actually owned the...
IT Operations
28 December, 2015

What To Do about Passwords in Your Disaster Recovery Plan

One post thread on Spiceworks caught my eye.  The Spicehead wanted to know what to do about passwords when it came to DR plans.  Was he supposed to put the passwords into it, or just what was he...
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