Security Practices: 3 Good Reasons to Gap Your Backup

Everyone knows how important it is to back up their data, right? Sadly, I feel like I should laugh after saying that because I know many people that don’t understand this basic concept. If you are reading this though, you are likely in the IT field, so should know that old saying: If you aren’t … Continued

Top 5 Emerging IT Security Threats for 2017

The year 2016 was definitely not the best year for cybersecurity. A series of headline-making data breaches like those at MySpace, LinkedIn, Friend Finder Network and Mossack Fonseca have proven that hackers are currently beating organizations in the field of data protection. In 2017, the situation is unlikely to get better; rather, we will see … Continued

[Infographics] Cloud Security: What Do the Banks Say?

Nowadays, financial organizations face two main IT security challenges. They operate with the large volume of highly sensitive information, such as credit card data, personal identifiers, etc. that is highly attractive for attackers to steal. They should invest mush effort and budget to the data access security. Second thing is that financial organizations in the U.S. are … Continued

SysAdmin Magazine: Best of 2016

In the December issue of SysAdmin Magazine you’ll find the best articles of 2016. From data security to ransomware and cloud adoption – only the hottest topics of this year collected in one edition. The contents of December issue include: AD and Exchange Security Best Practices Research Lab: 2016 Cloud Security Report Defending Against Crypto-Ransomware Guide Top Security … Continued

Tesco Bank Data Breach: What Went Wrong?

The recent announcement that up to 20,000 of Tesco Bank’s customers have had their money stolen during a sophisticated cyber-attack is a warning sign for the entire industry. This is probably the largest data breach that the UK’s banking sector has ever faced, which may have far-reaching consequences for the entire challenger bank sector. Insufficient … Continued