Alex Vovk
Co-founder of Netwrix. Alex is a well-known expert in the enterprise software industry. He holds both a master's degree and a Ph.D. in information security. As an author, Alex covers Netwrix’s awards and nominations, as well as cybersecurity trends.
Cyber Security & Compliance
12 December, 2016

[Infographics] Cloud Security: What Do the Banks Say?

Nowadays, financial organizations face two main IT security challenges. They operate with the large volume of highly sensitive information, such as credit card data, personal identifiers, etc. that...
Cyber Security & Compliance
1 December, 2016

Tesco Bank Data Breach: What Went Wrong?

The recent announcement that up to 20,000 of Tesco Bank’s customers have had their money stolen during a sophisticated cyber-attack is a warning sign for the entire industry. This is probably the...
Cyber Security & Compliance
16 November, 2016

Netwrix Auditor is SC Awards 2017 Finalist

Netwrix Auditor announced as SC Awards 2017 finalist for the “Best Regulatory Compliance Solution” and "Best Database Security Solution"! Netwrix Auditor is a visibility and governance...
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