What You Need to Know About Cloud Storage Security Breaches

As more and more companies join Netflix, Pinterest, and Apple in moving to the cloud, hackers – and a healthy dose of user error – are making these large sources of sensitive information more sensitive to breach.

Recent breaches affecting Dropbox and Google Drive show that this new generation of storage solutions have yet to meet their match of security tools to counter the growing threats to cloud storage.

Are you confident that your organization’s cloud storage is secure? If not, read on.

Why Is Cloud Storage At Risk?

Cloud storage is uniquely susceptible to security breach because of the significant amount of noise generated by today’s cloud storage solutions. It’s also difficult to maintain an awareness of overall security when individual links or uploaded items can have a variety of shared settings, sometimes with public access or inclusion in public search results.

With so many users having access to one pile of data, it becomes difficult to focus on tangible methods of prevention and detection of new threats — and IT pros are feeling the stress.

The solution to cloud storage security is not fortifying the walls of your existing network; after all, the purpose of cloud storage in many situations is to provide access to data to teams that need it, often virtually or across the globe. Instead, it comes down to a new approach to preventative action.

Guaranteeing Cloud Storage Security for Your Organization

Want to bring more attention to securing your company’s sensitive data? Here are three things you can do to improve your ability to keep your cloud storage secure from hackers and user error:

  • When you shift your organization’s storage to the cloud, new rules apply. Sharing settings, network reliability, and server reliability are all factors that can shift according to user settings and circumstances.
  • Have security baked in from the start rather than treating it as an add-on to an already existing storage solution. Newer platform approaches have built-in API-based services that can be embedded into the app rather than something added after the fact.
  • Intelligent security tools scale to your data and cloud configuration. Furthermore, you can deploy contextual security around your data, your users, and their respective storage needs, recording and monitoring that data without burdening your busy IT team. Click here to get a sense of which solution might be best for your organization.

The new generation of cloud storage brings with it attractive capabilities that draw in bigger and bigger companies over time. However, this generation has yet to uncover the best and most secure methods for maintaining tight control over who has access to the data. Use these tips to make sure that your company’s cloud storage remains secure.

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