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29 October, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

How to Prevent a Data Breach

Data breach prevention is a top priority for organizations of all sizes and across all sectors. A breach of sensitive information — whether it’s personal information like credit card and Social Security numbers, or proprietary information like intellectual property or financial forecasts —...
1 October, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

The Capital One Hack: 3 Questions about Data Security in the Cloud

Financial services company Capital One suffered a breach that exposed the data of roughly 100 million individuals in the U.S. and approximately 6 million people in Canada. The breached data included 140,000 U.S. Social Security numbers, 80,000 bank account numbers, and 1 million Canadian Social...
12 September, 2019 | Jeff Melnick

Top 12 Data Security Solutions to Protect Your Sensitive Information

Data breaches are all over the news, and organizations are acutely aware that even if they have achieved PCI compliance or SOX compliance, new compliance  regulations like the GDPR demand more stringent data security controls. To help you improve your security and compliance posture, we have put...
11 June, 2019 | Ryan Brooks

Data Security Explained: Definition, Risks and Technologies

More than ever, digital data security is on the agenda in many organizations. The focus on protection of sensitive or critical data, such as intellectual property and personal data, is a result of growing cyber risks and increasingly stringent data security regulations. Today, protecting...
12 March, 2019 | Ilia Sotnikov

Five Mistakes that Could Lead to a Third-Party Data Breach

In late January, we learned that millions of financial records were leaked from Texas-based data firm Ascension because its contractor, a New York-based document management startup, had misconfigured several Elasticsearch and Amazon S3 storage servers, leaving them with no password...
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