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22 October, 2019 | Rebecca James

How Can Cybersecurity Help in Business Growth?

IT pros and CEOs alike are acutely aware of the need for strong cybersecurity. They’ve seen the stats, such as that yet another organization falls victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds, and they know all too well that even one successful attack could force their business to a standstill...
23 January, 2019 | Matt Middleton-Leal

Top 5 Human Errors that Impact Data Security

Tighter data protection regulations have forced businesses to put data security at the top of their priority list. However most companies still lack a strong cybersecurity culture among their employees. In fact, a recent paper by Osterman Research reports that less than half (42%) of organizations...
21 December, 2018 | Ryan Brooks

Merry Cyber-Safe Christmas Quiz Winners

This December, sysadmins from all over the world were gearing up to make this Christmas cyber-safe for their companies by taking our quiz. Today, 5 of them are each getting a $25 Amazon gift card. Let’s all praise the lucky winners! Tim Ackermann Lori Nelson Bob Beecher James...
11 December, 2018 | Matt Middleton-Leal

Three Steps to Justify an Investment in IT Security

Since there is no such thing as 100% security, investments in it never seem to be enough. In regards to budgeting, the role of a CISO is to prioritize available resources based on the IT risks the organization faces and justify additional investments when needed to the executives. Easier said than...
6 December, 2018 | Jeff Melnick

New Game: Merry Cyber-Safe Christmas Quiz

It’s wonderful Christmas time! The perfect occasion to spend a few days in the bosom of the family, enjoying delicious food and having fun. But not for you! Your brave work of securing the IT environment and preventing disasters never stops. Are you sure you’re ready to make this Christmas...
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