RemoteApp: Remote Access Tool to Simplify a Sysadmin Life

What is RemoteApp? Are you using your Terminal Server/RDS Server for one main application? A database or ERP program, perhaps? If so, you are a prime candidate for RemoteApp, a remote access tool introduced by Microsoft for Server 2008 R2. However, many people who are using Terminal Server/RDS Server still don’t know about it. RemoteApp … Continued

Ransomware Strike Game Winners

Hi IT Pros, Thank you for taking part in our competition. We want to thank every single one of you for your interest and time. And the lucky winners are: Bo Bradshaw Anthony D. Perkins Sebastiaan Gybels Michal Grzegorek Brent Volkert The winners will be contacted by email. Stay tuned for our future contests!

Tutorial: Learn the Basics of Active Directory

You may have been following our series of blog posts on Active Directory basics and best practices that all kinds of IT specialists, from beginners to experienced IT administrators, found useful and insightful. Today, we compiled a list of all these blog posts so you can easily find the Active Directory topic you are interested … Continued

PowerShell Script: Discover New Users in Active Directory

When new employees join a company, IT technicians have to create their accounts in Active Directory. Later, the IT specialist welcomes each newcomer and helps them log in to the domain. In this article, I’ll show you how to automate this procedure with the help of PowerShell scripting. Feel free to edit this script to … Continued

[Infographics] Cloud Security: Insights from Education

Educational organizations work hard to protect sensitive student data, such as grades and financial information about loans. As their interest in migrating to the cloud grows, however, the effort required to monitor access to this data by privileged users may become even more extensive. Therefore, a critical question is: As educational organizations attempt to reduce IT complexity and gain flexibility by … Continued