Danny Murphy
Danny is a former Senior Sales Engineer at Netwrix, a blogger and a presenter with over 10 years of experience in IT.
IT Audit & Management
27 May, 2016

How to Detect Changes to OUs in Active Directory

Accidental or malicious changes to Organizational Units (OU) and groups in Active Directory can turn into pain in the neck for IT admins. For instance, if an OU that contains “User Accounts” is...
Cyber Security & Compliance
1 April, 2016

SysAdmin Magazine April: Wrestle Your SIEM Data Like a Pro

SIEM has a reputation as a helpful and must-have solution for improving security for any enterprise. However, Forrester experts say that SIEM has certain limitations that make it inefficient without...
IT Audit & Management
9 February, 2016

What Do You Love About Being a Sysadmin?

Why not to celebrate Valentine's Day and get some prizes? Today we're launching a contest for system administrators "Everybody Loves Sysadmins"! Join us and have fun! Go to the contest...
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