Your security Question is: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck….

It seems that people are always struggling with creating ‘good’ security questions.  Someone recently sent me an interesting list of security question guidelines  that contains both Good and Bad example questions.  The problem with a good security question is that it needs to be something that you will easily remember but that no one (or almost … Continued

NetWrix Continues Growth with Regional Expansion

NetWrix recently announced its plans for regional expansion with two new branches. The all-new Boston division will be the hub of all things product management, while NetWrix’s new California-based sales and support branch, which is set for launch in the very near future, will focus on further localizing NetWrix’s presence throughout the world. Learn more about NetWrix’s regional … Continued Reviews NetWrix Password Manager

Matt Roberts of recently reviewed NetWrix Password Manager. See a recap of Roberts’ review below: “I have recently had the pleasure of evaluating a password manager product called NetWrix Password Manager. NetWrix Password Manager is a simple solution that gives the end users the ability to reset their forgotten passwords, troubleshoot account lockouts and … Continued

Top 5 Identity Management Issues

Summer’s here, and so too is the sun. Unfortunately for IT pros, however, summer vacation doesn’t bring a temporary reprieve from the common identity management pains that we all face on a daily basis. Here are the top 5 most common identity management issues, as indicated by your peers: 1) Forgotten Passwords: Forgotten passwords are … Continued

NetWrix Exchange Mail Archiver Nominated for WindowsNetworking Reader’s Choice Award

NetWrix Exchange Mail Archiver has been selected as a finalist as a Preferred Email Archiving Product in’s Reader’s Choice Awards. Show your support for NetWrix by voting at and selecting NetWrix from the Reader’s Choice panel on the left-hand side. NetWrix Exchange Mail Archiver is the award-winning Exchange archiving solution that automates e-Discovery and compliance … Continued

The Audit Zone– 5 Stories of Suspense and Security

Don Jones tells 5 appalling horror stories based on real-life examples of how lack of auditing can result in significant damage. Failing to keep track of what´s in place, what´s changing, and what´s happening within your IT infrastructure can have serious consequences, and as seen here, can even cost you your job. Download this easy-to-read … Continued

NetWrix Group Policy Change Reporter nominated as WindowSecurity Reader’s Choice Finalist

NetWrix Group Policy Change Reporter has been selected as a finalist as a Preferred Group Policy Management Product in’s Reader’s Choice Awards for the second consecutive year. Show your support for NetWrix by voting at and selecting NetWrix from the Reader’s Choice panel on the left-hand side. Powered by AuditAssurance™ technology, NetWrix Group … Continued

Case Study: Eclipse Group Automates Infrastructure Change Auditing for Increased Security

With over 200 IT pros serving a wide variety of business needs, Eclipse Group offers a broad range of IT services and systems geared toward providing top-quality application development, infrastructure management, disaster recovery, risk management, modernization and more for IT departments across the globe. Following a serious security breach that impacted customer service provisions, Eclipse … Continued

NetWrix USB Blocker Receives Reader’s Choice Award

NetWrix Corporation is proud to announce that selected NetWrix USB Blocker as second runner-up in the Endpoint Security category of the Reader’s Choice Awards. “Our Reader’s Choice Awards give visitors to our site the opportunity to vote for the products they view as the very best in their respective category”, said Sean Buttigieg, … Continued