What makes using Group Policy so challenging?

Recently on Spiceworks, I shared a handy resource for users interested in Group Policy management. The post was well received by the community and I was quite pleased to have provided it. Basically, it was a TechNet resource called the Group Policy Search Tool. Its purpose is to help you find the desired setting you … Continued

Recent Download Poll Suggests IT Spending is on the rise

In the month of December, we saw one of our most active months for software downloads. Prior to download, a web-based form asks each visitor to choose what motivated them to download the product from a short list of potential answers. One such answer common to all software downloads is simply, “Casual Interest/Cannot Disclose”. Interestingly, … Continued

The ABCs of Security and Compliance

Understanding Security and Compliance is as easy as ABC: Access, Breaches and Changes. At a distance security and compliance share many similarities. As you get into the details, what you’ll find is that their implementation differs though the steps to achieve end result (Secure and Compliant) may achieve both. (A) Access control to the network … Continued