Free Cheat Sheet on File Server Auditing

Our next FREE cheat sheet is devoted to auditing changes in the File Server. In this quick guide you’ll find the information about required system configurations, HOW-TOs and event IDs that could be helpfull you when auditing your File Servers. Click here to download this FREE guide, no registration is required. As usual, don’t forget … Continued

Top 5 Reasons for Configuration Auditing Your IT Environment

One of Ben Franklin’s well-known sayings is “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” What’s perhaps less well-known is that he was referring to the need for configuration auditing of business IT systems. OK, maybe not; he was very forward-thinking, but that could be a stretch. Nonetheless, the meaning in Franklin’s words … Continued

Did Snowden Dissipate the Cloud?

If you turn on your TV right now, what will you see? That’s right, something about Edward Snowden. Some say he is a criminal, others claim that he is a brave warrior fighting against the system… But it is indisputable that Snowden’s incident has had a huge influence on the way we now think of … Continued