Exchange 2013 CAS Configuration – Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed the features of Client Access Server (CAS) regarding creation and configuration of certificates. In this part, we will learn, how to configure Outlook Anywhere, CAS URL and the connectors. Outlook Anywhere Configuration Outlook Anywhere is enabled by default across all CAS, but configuration mistakes may appear sometimes.  With the … Continued

Netwrix Survey: Do You Actually Audit Changes?

There is no doubt, that organizations of all kinds and sizes face everyday changes to their critical IT systems. As the topic of administrative security becomes more and more important, the hazards of data breaches, information leakage and downtime must be avoided and any changes must be tracked down and documented. Netwrix surveyed 577 IT … Continued

Heartbleed: A Common-Sense Approach to a Real Network Problem

You’ve probably heard all about the Heartbleed vulnerability by now. Although it might not mean the total collapse of the Internet, as initial wild reports suggested, it’s also not something you can simply ignore. There are definitely some steps business IT departments should take to ensure their networks are secure. The first step is to … Continued

Exchange 2013 CAS Configuration – Part 1

We continue the “Deep Dive” series. In it you might find the answers to some of your technical questions. The industry experts will provide their insights on several topics and research some new features of most popular applications. The first article of the series can be found here. You are welcome for comments and discussion! … Continued

DEAD BY APRIL: 5 Greatest Features of Windows XP

Does anyone of you guys remember the first days when Windows XP became available? I do! If I had to describe my first impressions of it, I would say “It just works!” Preceded by the release of a buggy and unstable Windows ME, the old dude XP was introduced almost twelve and a half years … Continued

Does Auditing Have a Role in Your Security Strategy?

When you hear the word audit and consider how it pertains to your security strategy, most organizations think of auditing as something you do once a year or when a problem arises. But just how should auditing be an integral part of your security strategy?  In fact, for most security plans, auditing is a critical missing piece … Continued