Right Tools for Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring

The story goes that there was a Fortune 500 company that woke up one morning and found that they had over 5000 virtual machines. Right away, the question came up, if they are being used. So they did a very simple thing to find out. They shut them all off and waited for someone to … Continued

Top 12 Smartphone Apps Used by System Administrators

About three weeks ago, a thread was started on Spiceworks and hundreds of comments appeared on a topic, that didn’t seem very hot at first. IT Administrators answered a question, what smartphone applications they most frequently used. As the thread got longer, we noticed something interesting: there are several apps that are loved by System … Continued

Tending the Size of the Haystack: Knowing What & When to Audit

One of the difficulties, that people new to auditing face, is getting the right balance between events that are interesting and the volume of events logged. A name for this problem is “the size of the haystack problem”. It comes from the expression “finding a needle in a haystack”. The bigger the haystack, the more … Continued

Use the Right Tools to Manage the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

For some time, employment statistics have pointed to a shortage of trained and experienced IT professionals specializing in network security. A recent survey from Janco Associates suggests that IT jobs are growing slowly, but that many of those jobs are in specialty areas such as security. Meanwhile, a SANS Institute study reported that organizations consider … Continued

User Password Opinions and Advice on Spiceworks

Recently a discussion on Spiceworks induced me to think about password policy, how we should approach it and what are the best practices. I summarized IT Pros’ comments and hereby I suggest my point of view on how password policy should be organized. Managing access to any system usually implies a dilemma between security and … Continued

Spice Heads are Guessing the Future of Auditing

Last Monday Netwrix released Netwrix Auditor 6.0 loaded with 2 market-leading features: –          Enterprise Overview Dashboards –          Comprehensive SharePoint Auditing But before all information was unveiled, we decided to launch a contest on Spiceworks.com: the Spice Heads were asked to guess what would be the Netwrix’s new solution for change and configuration auditing. About 80 … Continued

Top 5 Security Lessons for IT from the Target Data Breach

Although the data breach at retailer Target took place several months ago, new information continues to surface, and the ripples for the IT industry will no doubt continue for a very long time. For instance, Bloomberg Businessweek reported that Target’s security company, FireEye, sent an initial warning to Target’s corporate security team of the malware … Continued

Missing a File? Find It with Netwrix Auditor!

Has it ever happened to you: your file rests safely where you left it, but when you need it, it’s suddenly gone? Sure it has! You may use Search and try to find the lost file yourself, or you may contact your IT department and ask to restore the file. Either way, this will take … Continued

Will the Guilty Party Please Stand Up!

Today we are going to talk about finding “lost” files with File Server auditing. But first, how many of you are aware that users have a lot in common with a five year old? Now, before I start getting hate mail, before folks start driving by my house and shooting at it (warning, I shoot … Continued