Sony Pictures Hacker Attack: Lesson Not Learned

2014 was one of the hardest years in the history of IT security: we became witnesses to dozens of breaches followed by loss of sensitive data, payments, tears and suffering of numerous users. In December, the Internet exploded with the news of the Sony Pictures hack, which took place in the end of November, but … Continued

5 Steps for Protection against Wiper Malware

Significant security threats emerged in 2014. Closing out this epic year with a bang is Destover, aka Wiper. Wiper, as far as security threats go, is significant. Significant enough that the FBI quietly sent a memo to businesses and government agencies advising vigilance against Wiper based attacks. In this post I’ll provide five clear steps … Continued

Ten Simple Ways to Prevent Security Breaches in Windows Server 2012

Windows Server is one of the most commonly deployed critical systems in the organization. Most of the applications used in the organization are also Windows based, plus there are other legacy applications built on these Windows platforms. Since these servers are used the most, they need to be configured with tight security. The latest ones, … Continued

10 Things to Consider for a Cyber Incident Plan

We go out, we buy antivirus protection, we buy firewalls, we jump through hoops to keep bad things from happening. And when they do, we find ourselves trying to sort out what to do next. That’s the wrong time to be trying to figure that out. You need to have a plan, and in this … Continued

Security Predictions 2015: New Challenges of Risk Mitigation

Michael Fimin, CEO of Netwrix Corporation, shared his thoughts and made a top list of security trends that will drive Information Technology in 2015. Information technology is constantly evolving, taking in more and more aspects of our personal and professional lives. As the complexity and diversity of devices, platforms, and modes of technological interaction advance, so … Continued

Regin: New Sophistication in Advanced Persistent Security Threats

End of November, three major antivirus vendors released details about what they deemed the most sophisticated virus ever discovered. But to call Regin a virus is somewhat underestimating its capabilities. Such is its sophistication, it would be more appropriate to refer to it as a compromise platform that allows its authors, probably backed by one … Continued