Michael Fimin

Co-founder of Netwrix. Michael is a recognized expert in information security. In his articles, Michael shares his thoughts on key IT industry events, the hottest cybersecurity topics and Netwrix product updates.
Security & Compliance
May 22, 2019

4 Takeaways from Cyber Innovation Showcase at Infosec16

Infosecurity Europe 2016, Europe’s number one information security event, took place in London, 7–9 June 2016. Cybercrimes, ransomware, and insider threat detection were this year’s hot...
Security & Compliance
July 6, 2020

Top Five Security Trends to Watch

During the last 8 years IT industry hot topics were data governance, network monitoring, threat detection, virtualization, new cost-effective approaches to infrastructure management, backup and...
Security & Compliance
March 27, 2019

FAQ: What's new in Netwrix Auditor 8.0

Today Netwrix has introduced its major release of Netwrix Auditor 8.0.  New Netwrix Auditor provides complete visibility into into hybrid cloud IT infrastructures to protect corporate data at...
Security & Compliance
February 25, 2019

Top Five Hottest Trends at RSA 2016 Conference

The 25th 2016 RSA Conference, held in San Francisco, CA, has brought together the record number of attendees from all over the world to discuss major IT industry trends and upcoming challenges. For...
Security & Compliance
October 17, 2019

IT Audit Process - Real-life Example

I recently stumbled upon this post in Spiceworks community that talks about someone's upcoming audit with BDO (a major international audit firm - not from Big 3, but still pretty large). Thanks to...
Security & Compliance
October 17, 2019

Why NetWrix Stands Apart From Competitors

I was excited by one of our recent customer success stories. The customer was looking at several auditing options, including NetWrix Change Reporter Suite and our major competitor NetIQ. They...