Why NetWrix Stands Apart From Competitors

I was excited by one of our recent customer success stories. The customer was looking at several auditing options, including NetWrix Change Reporter Suite and our major competitor NetIQ. They eventually chose NetWrix and the following customer’s quote clearly explains why: “We installed a trial version on NetIQ, but after extensive investigation realized that the personnel required to maintain the software was not within the allocated budget. There were also unreasonable hardware and software requirements which we had not budgeted for.”

The customer’s statement above highlights two major aspects:
1) It’s amazing that our products can be managed easily (I would say they are almost self-managed) and without involving any additional personnel. The ease of use has been in the NetWrix DNA since the beginning and we have to keep moving forward with this great philosophy.
2) It’s also great that our products do not require any “unreasonable” hardware and software resources. No one likes ugly and heavyweight things. The lightweight and non-intrusive nature of our technologies is one of our greatest advantages.

The picture would not be complete without adding another quote by the same customer: “We needed software that was effective, of reasonable cost and had good technical support. Sales personnel are superb to work with. Delivery and turnaround times on support issues were commendable and quick.”

Very well said and pretty much uncovers the great people and outstanding teamwork behind what is known as NetWrix. Thank you everybody who was involved in this!

Best regards,
Michael Fimin
CEO and President
NetWrix Corporation


Co-founder of Netwrix. Michael is a recognized expert in information security. In his articles, Michael shares his thoughts on key IT industry events, the hottest cybersecurity topics and Netwrix product updates.