Are you participating in Computer Security Day 2010?

Computer Security Day is an annual holiday held on November 30th, intended to serve as a reminder to all computer users that computer security and safety is an essential personal and workplace duty. Start you Computer Security Day initiative by downloading the free NetWrix USB Blocker. How are you celebrating Computer Security Day?

Why NetWrix Stands Apart From Competitors

I was excited by one of our recent customer success stories. The customer was looking at several auditing options, including NetWrix Change Reporter Suite and our major competitor NetIQ. They eventually chose NetWrix and the following customer’s quote clearly explains why: “We installed a trial version on NetIQ, but after extensive investigation realized that the … Continued

NetWrix Corporation Wins Unprecedented Nine Windows IT Pro Awards

We are thrilled to have taken home nine honors from this year’s annual Windows IT Pro Awards. The Six Community Choice Awards (voted on by the readers of Windows IT Pro Magazine) and three Editors’ Best Awards (voted on by the writers and editors of Windows IT Pro Magazine) represent our commitment to meeting the needs of all industry professionals.

Who Changed What, When and Where

Have you ever wondered who made what changes within your IT infrastructure—who changed permissions on folders, or who added new members to your AD users group, for example? Are you aware of critical changes that can and do impact security and compliance within your organization? Can you answer these questions quickly, without jumping through hoops to find resolution? If not, you risk losing control of your IT environment.

Guide to Regulatory Compliance Audits

Gone are the days when IT departments existed only to repair routine computer problems or answer simple tech questions. As the dependence on technology has continued to grow throughout the past few decades, so too have the expectations dealing with the regulatory compliance issues that surround it. The creation of new technologies has resulted in new responsibilities, and as more and more organizations are faced with the task of adhering to a multitude of regulatory compliance standards, the issue of “how can we improve our efforts?” becomes more and more pertinent.

The fact is that the majority of IT departments are now responsible for adhering to more than one set of compliance requirements, while many face more than four. Finding ways to manage each set of compliance standards efficiently, sufficiently and effectively has become an increasingly difficult endeavor, but fortunately, there are several methods of ideology here.

10 Risky Types of Change

Change is inherent to the growth of any successful organization. Adaptation to organizational changes is a necessary reality, and without it, organizations couldn’t keep up with the changing times, demographics, workflows and business. That is why changes in IT infrastructure are a necessary component of all flourishing organizations.

Changes to any IT infrastructure, however, are also the root of much malevolence, as far as security and compliance efforts are concerned. Change is a necessary evil that results in, for example, newly added or removed network devices, permissions modifications and changes in server configurations, and some of the amendments to a once secure IT infrastructure that pose threats to both security measures and regulatory compliance.

Why the Microsoft Active Directory Recycle Bin Feature Falls Short?

The need for an Active Directory object restoration tool has become of growing concern for IT professionals across the world and it is no coincidence, as a result, that the recently released Windows Server 2008 R2 includes a feature that Microsoft hoped would appease technological and infrastructural administrators everywhere—unfortunately for Microsoft, however, it did not.