Three Basic Steps to Avoid Hacker Attacks

In the wake of so many security  breaches, each news report seems to always focus on two things and two things only: The number of people/credit cards/passwords etc affected and the cause of the breach. Take a database breach at Comixology – the “cause” was a hacked database. Not surprising, as the 2013 Verizon Data … Continued

Endpoint Protection vs Modern Threats

As IT professionals, it’s our responsibility to do everything within our power to protect our organizations from IT security threats. Unfortunately, all too often I hear fellow IT pros express an almost universal confidence in endpoint protection as the be-all, end-all to combating these threats. While endpoint protection is definitely an important part of any … Continued

Patching Is Mitigation You Do on Daily Basis

Recently, Disaster Recovery was a topic of several blog posts.  So far we’ve identified the four pieces, and they are: • Mitigation: lessening or eliminating the impact of an event • Planning: putting together a document that will act as a script to help you get back up and going • Response: the things that … Continued

Exchange Server Down: You Only Have Minutes

You just got the call: your Exchange server is not sending or receiving email. Your one and only Exchange server. OK, this is bad. You drop everything and begin to check the Exchange server for problems. It is up? Yes. Are the needed services running? Yes. Does it have enough disk space? Yes. OK – time … Continued

HOW TO: Setup Password Expiration Alerting

The Case problem There are many users in your organisation who work remotely and do not actually log into a workstation or a laptop directly as such. Instead, they use their Active Directory credentials to access their emails via IPads that have been provided to them. You noticed that same users periodically call the Helpdesk … Continued

UPS Devices, SOX and Other Disasters

Return the Princess of Darkness. I had been asked by management to give them (meaning the SOX auditors or Demons straight from Hell, depending on how you want to address them) the nickel tour of the datacenters.  There were a lot of questions, many of which will filter their way into future articles. I remember … Continued

Top 5 Guides for IT Audit

Many companies deploy multiple critical systems, and it requires much effort to maintain and keep those systems running. But practice shows that these efforts are often incomplete without a solid changes auditing tool, which usually gets the least attention among other security solutions. IT security is becoming more and more popular topic in the IT … Continued