New Issue of SysAdmin Magazine: SharePoint Security

Why is it important to protect SharePoint Server from data breaches? Just think about sorts of information you store there: calendars, documents, strategic plans and every other possible kind of company’s sensitive information. Employees can view, add, edit and delete items according to their access rights, so vigilance is key. Give full attention to tricky … Continued

Internet Usage Policy Against Inappropriate Content

A recent posting in Spiceworks caught my attention. It seems that this admin was asked to generate an Internet usage report on a fellow employee. The next thing he knows, the employee was let go. Of course he felt somewhat guilty about it. Another poster was talking about a fellow user who has been surfing porn … Continued

Take a Survey: 2015 State of IT Changes

Take a survey: give your opinion on the question of documenting critical IT changes and win an Amazon Gift Card! How often do you make changes to critical IT systems? Do you have all of those changes documented? Share your experience in the annual Netwrix State of IT Changes Survey. This will be the second … Continued

Ten Simple Ways to Prevent Security Breaches in VMware Server

VMware is one of the leading virtualization product developers. Virtualization helps make the best use of hardware resources. Implementing and managing VMware infrastructure is simple and provides great performance with high availability and business continuity through simplified disaster recovery solutions. Most critical applications such as Exchange, SQL or SharePoint exist in a VMware environment, so … Continued

Another Vector for Malware Spread

Those who study epidemics, talk about the spread of disease through what they call “vectors”. Some are spread through food, water, human contact, and so on. In the computer world, viruses and malware spread through vectors. Most are rather familiar, like viruses from downloading things you shouldn’t, e-mail, and so forth. Most IT types would … Continued

Secure PowerShell Remoting Using Constrained Endpoints

PowerShell Remoting is enabled in Windows Server 2012 (and later) out-of-the-box, and while many IT shops see this as a potential security risk, PowerShell is in fact one of the most secure ways to administer servers if best practices are followed. In this article, I’m going to show you how to configure Windows Server 2012 … Continued

Stopping Skeleton Key Malware from Causing Data Breaches

Proving the old adage that “criminals never sleep,” a new piece of malware is making headlines. The aptly named Skeleton Key malware, detected in mid-January, bypasses the password authentication protection of Active Directory. Just as skeleton keys from the last century unlocked any door in a building, Skeleton Key malware can unlock access to any … Continued