Top Reasons for Becoming a Sysadmin

Hi Guys, Two weeks ago, we asked the Spiceworks community to answer the question “Why did you chose to be a Sysadmin?” We are blown away by the number of stories we’ve received from you. Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest. We can’t stay silent about the poll results any longer. So, … Continued

How to Get Rid of Ransomware at No Cost

Ransomware is one of the biggest scourges we face as Internet citizens today. What happens when you have been struck by it? The most obvious option would be to pay the ransom. You would not be alone if you did – even large companies and non-profits have had to pay, or at least negotiate, a … Continued

Cybersecurity Risks in Large Enterprises and SMBs

This post is the first one in the series dedicated to the in-depth discussion of the findings of our Netwrix 2017 IT Risks Report. While the report presents the summarized survey results of 2017 and compares them with the 2016 findings, further, we are reviewing the most interesting findings, focusing on different industries, company sizes, … Continued

SysAdmin Magazine: May the PowerShell Be with You

All the brave Jedi who face the everyday challenge of mastering Active Directory, We came to help you. The June issue of Sysadmin magazine brings you a lightsaber of IT security world —sacred PowerShell cmdlets that will move your IT infrastructure security to an intergalactic level. Contents: Discover New Users in Active Directory and Email Their … Continued

PowerShell: Find Disabled or Inactive Users and Computers in AD

PowerShell is becoming increasingly more popular and is the first choice for Windows administrators to collect information from target systems. Every Windows role ships with its own PowerShell modules. Active Directory ships with more than 450 PowerShell cmdlets that you can use to collect information about every object in Active Directory, such as disabled computer … Continued

[Infographics] Top Cybersecurity Risks 2017

Past years have been too crowded with cybersecurity events. A lot of financial, health care, government and social media data were compromised. Systems failed and services were disrupted. TV shows were leaked online before the official release. Last of all, there were ransomware crusades. Every week, there is a new adversary: a state, an individual … Continued

8 Scariest Ransomware Viruses

The first ransomware infections drew attention in 2013, and they have been steadily on the rise since then. Today, they are one of the most common online threats affecting Internet users and organizations of all sizes. According to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), ransomware was the top malware variety within Crimeware in … Continued