SysAdmin Magazine January: Threat Predictions and IT Tips

Dramatically increasing number of data breaches was one of the highest priorities facing IT managers, business owners and regulators in 2015. Among the top causes of sensitive data leaks is an increase in targeted attacks that use more advanced techniques to bypass security mechanisms. For the January issue of Sysadmin Magazine, we’ve gathered the best … Continued

What To Do about Passwords in Your Disaster Recovery Plan

One post thread on Spiceworks caught my eye.  The Spicehead wanted to know what to do about passwords when it came to DR plans.  Was he supposed to put the passwords into it, or just what was he supposed to do with them.  Well, the first thing you don’t want to do is put them … Continued

5 Jedi IT Security Tenets To Defend Against Data Breaches

Star Wars is not just a cultural phenomenon, it is a story that can be interpreted in many ways, even as a data breach case.  The everlasting battle between hackers and IT pros very much resembles the war between the light and the dark sides from the Star Wars movies. By learning from failure and success of … Continued

Top 7 IT Security Threats for 2016

While the number of announced data breaches in 2015 is lower compared to 2014, the number of compromised accounts increased dramatically, exposing more personal data than ever before. Among the top causes is an increase in hidden attacks that use more advanced technics to bypass security mechanisms. In this article, we speculate on seven IT … Continued

US Cybersecurity Bill Falls Short

Most high-profile cyberattacks of recent years could have been prevented if companies and government agencies had followed basic security practices. Even the advice handed out by federal government isn’t adhered to by its own agencies, as was clearly evidenced in the hack experienced by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) earlier this year where 1.1 … Continued