3 Pokémon GO Security Risks

Are your employees or colleagues caught up in the Pokémon GO craze? Surely, most of them are. However, in the hunt to “catch ‘em all,” Pokémon GO users expose themselves to a variety of security risks. Moreover, playing the game presents major security risks for corporate information. In this blog post, I’ve listed potential risks … Continued

Yahoo Data Breach, Part 2: Safety Tips for Users

After Yahoo confirmed serious data breach many of its users chose to block or delete their accounts. Nevertheless, this action doesn’t re-establish data privacy and doesn’t ensure that this information won’t be sold and used by the third parties. In this blog post we discuss the impact that Yahoo data breach may have on Yahoo … Continued

Yahoo Data Breach, Part 1: What Experts Say

It’s been a few days since Yahoo confirmed a massive data breach, but we still know very little about the biggest hack in history.  Who exactly was behind this attack? What the hackers obtained precisely? We still have more questions than answers. But the biggest question is about lessons businesses should learn from this catastrophe. What … Continued

Group Policy: Best Practices for Troubleshooting Performance Problems

There are tradeoffs to everything. In a Windows environment, users want fast logons/startups and a consistent experience across multiple devices. An efficient logon is often related to ease of use. For example, Folder Redirection and Group Policy Printer Preferences provide more unified end user experiences at the cost of slower logons. This is a classic … Continued

[Infographics] IT Risks Faced by Large Enterprises

Although IT changes are an essential part of an organization’s daily workflow, a constantly changing environment increases risks of security incidents, noncompliance, and system outages. This infographic discusses whether enterprises are able to protect and prevent its data from cyber-attacks.

2 Rules to Secure Office 365 Password Policy Setup

Password policy in Office 365 is much stricter and more secure than that of an on-premises application,  so you no longer have to worry about setting and enforcing different authentication policies for your users. But still, you should align Office365 security settings with your overall enterprise security profile and posture. In this blog post, I’ll … Continued

Good SIEM Setups Go Bad

SIEM is a system, that collects logs and other security related data for analysis.  In most cases, it installs an agent someplace that gathers security-related events from the various pieces of hardware on a network, be it a laptop, server, firewalls and etc. Then looks at what’s going on and flags anomalies.  The idea is that … Continued

Top 7 Free Security Tools for IT Admins

It’s free, master Jedi! We’ve gathered top 7 security freeware tools for sysadmins. These tools are supposed to help you make your job easier and troubleshoot security issues faster.  1. Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory. Free Community Edition This freeware from Netwrix provides visibility into what’s happening inside your Active Directory by tracking changes to AD users, … Continued