Managing OUs and Moving Their Objects with PowerShell

An organizational unit (OU) is a container in Active Directory where users, groups and computers, as well as other OUs, can be stored. Each AD domain can have its own organizational unit hierarchy. In this article, you will learn about OU management and how to use PowerShell scripts to: Create OUs in an Active Directory … Continued

SysAdmin Magazine: Confessions of a Hacker

Hackers are always lurking nearby, ready to exploit any mistake you make in order to infiltrate your network. Stay one step ahead! Learn how they think, act and hide their nasty moves in the June edition of SysAdmin magazine. 4 Steps You Should Take If You Have Been Hacked A data breach can be a … Continued

How to Add and Remove AD Groups and Objects in Groups with PowerShell

Microsoft Active Directory serves as a centralized point for the administration, authorization and authentication. In AD, access to network resources is granted to security principals, such as user accounts and computer accounts, and those permissions can change over time. To simplify access management and improve security, medium and large companies often use Active Directory security … Continued

GDPR Confusion: 7 Common Myths Busted

The day before the deadline for GDPR compliance, I received emails from 8 different companies asking for my consent for them to collect data about me. But I can’t even remember how I got on these vendors’ mailing lists, and I haven’t received any other communication from them lately. Obviously, they gathered my personal information … Continued

10 Ways to Improve Automated Data Classification

You’ve paid a lot of money for data classification software or spent countless hours developing a similar solution in house. But what good is it if the results aren’t precise? Today I’ll explain 10 technical and workflow-related things that you need to be doing to eliminate as many false positives and negatives as possible: Use … Continued

How to Create New Active Directory Users with PowerShell

The easiest way to create a new user in an Active Directory domain is using the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in. However, what if you need to create multiple user accounts in bulk, or ADUC is not available for some reason? In this article, we explain several ways to create Active Directory user … Continued