5 Initiatives to Enhance Security Awareness in Organization

Some time ago there was a big discussion on Spiceworks about FedEx data leakage. Roughly 5 GBs of data was going from it daily to an IP address in Bulgaria.  Since a third-party actually owned the system, they were somewhat limited in what they could do and was wondering what to do next. Most of … Continued

Free Educational and Training Resources for IT Pros

While attackers continue to evolve their techniques, IT community more than ever needs to raise awareness about major security issues and best practices to tackle cyber threats. Sharing expertise and experience within the professional community will help organizations regardless their size and industry define possible attack vectors, adequately evaluate risks and prevent large-scale data breaches. … Continued

Exchange Best Practices: How to Detect Who Accessed Another User’s Mailbox

Using shared mailboxes in Office 365 can facilitate communication in team projects. However, giving multiple users access permissions for the same mailbox increases the risk of security incidents and leaks of sensitive data. Non-owners with access rights can, unintentionally or maliciously, forward a message, move an e-mail with sensitive content to another location, or — … Continued

4 Rules to Enhance Email Security in the Cloud

The long-existing problem of email hacking appears to be unsolved by 2016. According to the recent warning released by FBI, companies have lost above $2.3 billion over the past three years due to email frauds, in which the employees are tricked into wiring funds to adversaries by fake messages sent from “the boss”. While the … Continued

Keyboard Shortcuts for System Administrators

I have been in the IT business since the early days of DOS.  In order to navigate the archaic operating systems back in the day, you had to learn a lot of keyboard shortcuts.  Most people these days are content to use a mouse to navigate, but there are still many valuable shortcuts that can … Continued

What You Need to Know About Cloud Storage Security Breaches

As more and more companies join Netflix, Pinterest, and Apple in moving to the cloud, hackers – and a healthy dose of user error – are making these large sources of sensitive information more sensitive to breach. Recent breaches affecting Dropbox and Google Drive show that this new generation of storage solutions have yet to … Continued

FAQ: What’s new in Netwrix Auditor 8.0

Today Netwrix has introduced its major release of Netwrix Auditor 8.0.  New Netwrix Auditor provides complete visibility into into hybrid cloud IT infrastructures to protect corporate data at rest regardless of its location. The new version of company’s leading IT auditing platform simplifies detection of security threats and enables organizations to gain rigorous control over critical data across all … Continued

Ransomware Protection Using FSRM and PowerShell

While the FBI continues to investigate the MedStar attacks and a series of other recent ransomware attacks, I decided to describe a case from my own experience when I received an encrypted file and opened it. What steps should I have been undertaking to protect my system from file-encrypting malware? Background Well, I received an … Continued

Cybersecurity Market to Expand Worldwide

The cybersecurity market is set for record-breaking growth over the next 5 years as business intelligence and research firms worldwide predict a $75 billion to $170 billion expansion. According to reports from Gartner, Visiongain, and TechSci Research, the recent increase in cybercrime has increased the modern business organization’s need for network security products and systems. … Continued

SysAdmin Magazine April: Wrestle Your SIEM Data Like a Pro

SIEM has a reputation as a helpful and must-have solution for improving security for any enterprise. However, Forrester experts say that SIEM has certain limitations that make it inefficient without additional investments in technology and personnel. For the April issue of SysAdmin Magazine, we’ve gathered analysts’ advice about managing SIEM data. Our experts share opinions … Continued