How to Detect Changes to OUs in Active Directory

Accidental or malicious changes to Organizational Units (OU) and groups in Active Directory can turn into pain in the neck for IT admins. For instance, if an OU that contains “User Accounts” is deleted, users will not be able to log in. There could be multiple scenarios like that… This how-to will show you two … Continued

Best Practices: Active Directory Security

Active Directory is large and complex, but following some basic security best practices can make it easier to keep secure. Here are five steps to making your systems more robust. FIrstly we’d like to recommend you using Active Directory tools for sysadmins to make sure that all changes and configuration settings are under control. 1. … Continued

Infographics: IT Risks Report

IT changes are inevital part of everyday workflow, it only matters how well organizations can control these changes to ensure smooth security and performance. When not managed correctly, IT changes may expose organizations to various risks, from business continuity disruption to data breaches and subsequent losses. The 2016 IT Risks Report unveils how IT changes influence … Continued

Top Five Security Trends to Watch

During the last 8 years IT industry hot topics were data governance, network monitoring, threat detection, virtualization, new cost-effective approaches to infrastructure management, backup and disaster recovery solutions and identity governance solutions. However, there’s a new set of IT priorities around security issues that are rising quickly to the top. IT vendors need to consider … Continued

Role of File Analysis in Preventing Insider Threats

The number of data breaches caused by phishing attacks continues to grow. Among recent cases are college in San Francisco, school in Washington and international corporation. At the City College of San Francisco, the information of about 7,500 students was compromised when an employee responded to a phishing email that was disguised as a legitimate request … Continued

4 Steps to a Secure Active Directory Administration Model

Active Directory (AD) is a primary target for hackers as it provides a way to get access sensitive company data. Here are four considerations for establishing a secure administration model for Active Directory. 1. Remove excess domain administrator privileges Domain and enterprise administrator accounts hold the keys to your kingdom, and once compromised you can … Continued

How to Escape Data Tampering Nightmare

Earlier this year Admiral Michael Rogers, head of the NSA and the US Cyber Command, talked about the key ‘three things that keep him awake at night’ The first two are the fear of online attacks against US critical infrastructure and non-state terrorist groups changing how they use online resources. These threats were to be expected … Continued

Cable Flow Game

Pair up all matching sockets with a cord and cover the entire board to solve this puzzle.