State of Visibility into IT Environment

Failure to quickly spot malicious activity and investigate the issue often impacts business processes. Damage may occur in various forms: data breaches, operational downtime, noncompliance etc. All of them eventually lead to financial losses and affect customer loyalty. Thus, visibility is vital not only in terms of increasing efficiency of IT departments and enhancing working environments, but for security and … Continued

4 Takeaways from Cyber Innovation Showcase at Infosec16

Infosecurity Europe 2016, Europe’s number one information security event, took place in London, 7–9 June 2016. Cybercrimes, ransomware, and insider threat detection were this year’s hot topics. Netwrix experts ran a few speaking sessions at the Cyber Innovation Showcase segment that focused on visibility and data governance. Here are some of the main takeaways from Peter Smith’s … Continued

Tips to Avoid Detrimental Changes in VMware

Maintaining the performance and security of your virtual environment on a daily basis is an important — and non-trivial — task. VMware monitoring tools are a critical component of a solid security strategy because they help you quickly detect and remediate unauthorized changes and errors that could lead to downtime, data loss or compliance failures. … Continued

6 Tools to Protect Your Domain Controllers

There are many things that you can do as an administrator to reduce or eliminate risks associated with your Domain Controllers.  In this article, we’ll take a look at some tools you can employ to help with this. Attack Surface – This concept refers to software, protocols and ports are used by servers that allow … Continued

SysAdmin Magazine: Get Your Data into the Cloud, not Under It

June issue of SysAdmin Magazine is all about data security both on  premises and in the cloud.  Read about new security trends, learn how to ensure your data security both on premises and in the cloud and explore top freeware tools for IT pros. Quick overview of what’s inside: Articles: 5 security trends, Exchange Online security, … Continued