SysAdmin Magazine: Office 365 Edition

This edition of SysAdmin magazine will definitely make you feel like you’re on cloud nine because we reveal many handy tips for managing your Office 365 environment. The carefully selected articles, how-to’s and best practices will help you be more efficient in your work with Office 365. Ten most useful Office 365 PowerShell commands Learn … Continued

Windows Server 2016 Containers

You can improve the security of your application development infrastructure by reducing the size and scope of application and compute resources. One way to do this is to containerize workloads. Windows Server and Microsoft Hyper-V containers enable you to isolate workloads from each other and the OS. Even if a container is compromised by an … Continued

(ISC)² Certifications Compared: CISSP, SSCP, CCSP, CSSLP, CAP and HCISPP

Founded in 1989, (ISC)2 is a leading cybersecurity organization that  provides training, education and certifications for IT professionals and the organizations they support.  A non-profit organization, (ISC)2 boasts almost 140,000 members worldwide. offers a comprehensive program with six different certifications, including certifications geared to information security, healthcare security and risk management. Most certifications are geared … Continued

How to Perform Windows Registry Repair and Fix Errors (+Top 7 Free Registry Cleaners)

The Windows registry is a database containing important, machine-specific settings and information regarding almost everything in your computer — preferences, applications, users, attached devices and so on. The registry contains two basic elements: keys and values. The Windows operating system constantly refers to the registry; for example, to open a program, install new software or … Continued

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Security

You may have been following our series of blog posts on Microsoft Windows Server security features and capabilities for reducing risk in your IT infrastructure. Today, we’ve compiled a list of all these blog posts. You can use them in two ways as you work to secure your Windows Server operating system. First, of course, … Continued

Securing Your Servers with Windows Defender, AppLocker, SCT and More

Malware — computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware and so one — is a continuous threat to organizations because it can damage devices and enable unauthorized parties to access the network remotely to collect and transmit sensitive information. Windows Server 2016 includes the following tools and features to help mitigate the threat of malware: … Continued

Ten Most Useful Office 365 PowerShell Commands

Using Windows PowerShell to manage Office 365 may seem odd at first. After all, cloud solutions promise simplicity and ease of use — adjectives rarely used in connection with Windows PowerShell. But bear with me. In this article, I’ll show you the ten most useful Office 365 PowerShell cmdlets for system administrators. Perhaps after reading … Continued

How to Add, Delete and Change Local Users and Groups with PowerShell

To help admins manage local users and groups with PowerShell more easily, Microsoft provides a cmdlet collection called Microsoft.PowerShell.LocalAccounts. Previously, you had to download and import it into PowerShell explicitly, and also install Windows Management Framework 5.1; in the Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 operating systems, the cmdlet collection is included as a standard … Continued

What Are Windows Firewall and IPsec?

One key component in securing your IT infrastructure is protecting against network-related security threats. Windows Server offers several network security features to help: Windows Firewall with Advanced Security IPsec Message Analyzer Free Tool Handpicked related content: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Security Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Windows Firewall with Advanced Security blocks unauthorized network traffic … Continued

Compliance Rush: Five Mistakes that Can Screw Your Company

In April 2018, shortly before the GDPR came into force, IDC reported that only 29% of small businesses and 41% of midsize businesses in Europe had taken steps to prepare for the regulation. Now the GDPR has been around for some months, but many organizations are still struggling to meet their compliance obligations. One recent … Continued

How to Get, Edit, Create and Delete Registry Keys with PowerShell

Administrators can perform all typical registry operations using either the old-good “Regedit” user interface or the reg.exe utility. But there is another option — Windows PowerShell. PowerShell provides a large set of tools for interacting with the Microsoft Windows registry, either on the local machine or remotely. In this article, we’ll show how to get, … Continued

File Server Security with FSRM, EFS and BitLocker

Organizations today store data in many places, including both the corporate file servers and users’ personal devices. To ensure both security and regulatory compliance, IT administrators need to tightly control access to data stored on file servers, and also protect data on portable devices to minimize the risk of data loss or exposure if the … Continued

What Is Privilege Escalation?

Privilege escalation is a common threat vector for adversaries, which allows them to enter organizations’ IT infrastructure and seek permissions to steal sensitive data, disrupt operations and create backdoors for future attacks. Elevated privileges open doors for attackers to mess with security settings, configurations and data; they often get access to lower privilege accounts first … Continued

Choosing the Right Security Certifications: CISSP vs CISM, CISA and CRISC

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, then you’ve made a great choice! Skilled information security professionals are in high demand and are likely to remain so in the future, so the field offers solid financial benefits. According to the 2018 IT Skills and Salary Report from Global Knowledge, 41 percent of employers … Continued