Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Security

You may have been following our series of blog posts on Microsoft Windows Server security features and capabilities for reducing risk in your IT infrastructure.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of all these blog posts. You can use them in two ways as you work to secure your Windows Server operating system. First, of course, you can use this list to go directly to the specific topic you’re interested in.

But stepping through the posts in order is also a great way to get a comprehensive understanding of Windows Server Security features. We explore Windows Server security baselines, network security, credentials security, apps and data protection, security enhancements for VMs, and much more. For example, you’ll find out about Windows Server 2016 security features like Just Enough Administration, Credential Guard, Device Guard, Windows Defender, Shielded Virtual Machines, Guarded Fabric, BitLocker, Local Administrator Password Solution, auditing and more — knowledge you can put right to work protecting your information technology environment against common attacks and threats.


If you want to get all the chapters at once, we’ve got you covered — we’ve combined all the posts into one convenient PDF document available for free download.

Download Windows Server Security Tutorial pdf for free >>

What resources — blogs, forums, etc. — do you use to learn more about Windows Server security? Please let us know in the comments below.

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