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2 October, 2018 | Jeff Melnick

Top 10 Best Windows Server Monitoring Software Tools

If you don’t know the state of your network and server health every second of the day, you're like a blind pilot inevitably headed for disaster. Fortunately, the market now offers many good tools, both commercial and open source, for network and Windows Server monitoring. Since good and free...
27 September, 2018 | Ryan Brooks

Windows Server 2016 Containers

You can improve the security of your application development infrastructure by reducing the size and scope of application and compute resources. One way to do this is to containerize workloads. Windows Server and Microsoft Hyper-V containers enable you to isolate workloads from each other and the...
20 September, 2018 | Ryan Brooks

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Security

You may have been following our series of blog posts on Microsoft Windows Server security features and capabilities for reducing risk in your IT infrastructure. Today, we’ve compiled a list of all these blog posts. You can use them in two ways as you work to secure your Windows Server...
6 September, 2018 | Jeff Melnick

File Server Security with FSRM, EFS and BitLocker

Organizations today store data in many places, including both the corporate file servers and users’ personal devices. To ensure both security and regulatory compliance, IT administrators need to tightly control access to data stored on file servers, and also protect data on portable devices to...
23 August, 2018 | Ryan Brooks

SysAdmin Magazine: Hardening Windows Server Security

It’s time to face a harsh truth of IT life: Your network is almost certainly going to be breached. Best practices now recommend adopting an "assume breach" strategy for as the way to reduce security risks to your environment. According,  the August edition of SysAdmin Magazine focuses on Windows...
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