How to Use OneDrive Admin Center and Increase Storage Quotas

OneDrive for Business is a file storage and synchronization service that’s similar to Dropbox:  It makes all of an individual’s files and folders available to them no matter where they are or what device they are using. OneDrive for Business vs. SharePoint Online Both SharePoint and OneDrive for Business (OD4B) enable users to store and … Continued

How to Prevent Intellectual Property Theft by Insiders

Intellectual Property (IP) is often the most important asset that a company has, because development of innovative solutions is the most efficient way for companies to compete in an all-tech world. Unlike patents, which can secure the right of exclusivity in exchange for public disclosure, IP includes trade secrets and know-how that the owner cannot … Continued

Why Monitoring of Network Devices Is Critical for Network Security

A secure network infrastructure is critical for organizations, and that requires keeping close track of what’s going on with routers, switches and other network devices. You need to be able to quickly detect and investigate threats to your perimeter security, such as unauthorized changes to configurations, suspicious logon attempts and scanning threats. For example, failing … Continued

Make the Most of Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection

Attackers use a variety of trajectories to infiltrate organizations with viruses and malware these days. There is a premium service from Microsoft Exchange called Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that offers five distinct features that add additional layers of security to your email and documents: Safe Links Safe Attachments Spoof intelligence Quarantine Advanced anti-phishing … Continued

Network Security Devices You Need to Know About

Using the proper devices and solutions can help you defend your network. Here are the most common types of network security devices that can help you secure your network against external attacks: Firewall A firewall device is one of the first lines of defense in a network because it isolates one network from another. Firewalls … Continued

Managing Office 365 DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

Data loss prevention (DLP) is an intelligent service that’s part of Microsoft Office 365. It looks for messages, files and documents that contain sensitive information and applies the policies you configure about what can and cannot be done with that data. The most common types of sensitive information an organization would want DLP to look … Continued

Top 3 Audit Challenges and How to Overcome Them

No matter what role you play in the audit process, the experience can be painful. If you’re an external consultant, you have to work with clients who have limited budgets and high expectations. And if you’re an internal IT/security auditor, you might have to wade through a sea of internal politics to get your work … Continued

Top 10 Best Network Monitoring Tools

If you don’t know the state of your network every second of the day, you’re like a blind pilot inevitably headed for disaster. Fortunately, the market now offers many good software solutions, both commercial and open source, for network monitoring. Handpicked related content: [Free Download] Network Security Best Practices With functionality such as discovering network … Continued

Exchange Online Protection Quick Reference Guide

Microsoft Office 365 comes with an enterprise-class, cloud-based mail hygiene solution called Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP). Mail sent to your organization is directed by your DNS MX records to the EOP service, where it is scrubbed of spam, malware, unsolicited backscatter, phishing attempts and more; only then does it go to the Exchange servers … Continued

Network Devices Explained

To build a strong network and defend it, you need to understand the devices that comprise it. What are network devices? Network devices, or networking hardware, are physical devices that are required for communication and interaction between hardware on a computer network. Handpicked related content: [Free Download] Network Security Best Practices Types of network devices … Continued

How to Set Up a Hybrid Office 365 and Migrate to Exchange Online

So, you’ve set up a a hybrid Microsoft environment, with Azure Active Directory Connect performing synchronization from your on-prem AD to Office 365 as explained in my post, “Quick Guide: How to Sync Your Active Directory to Office 365.” What about Exchange? You can choose to move completely to Exchange Online, or you can choose … Continued

[Infographics] IT Risks in Finance: Danger of Human Errors

This is the third post about the most common IT risks facing major industry sectors. This time, we have extracted data from the 2018 IT Risks Survey to find out more about the problems and concerns of banks, insurance companies, credit unions and other financial institutions. The survey covers the six most common types of … Continued