Humorous Error Messages

It’s Friday and adding some humor to lighten things every now and again is a good thing. I recently found this TechRepublic discussion forum post entitled ‘Looking for memorable error messages’. Ask and ye shall receive and receive it did. As of this time, there are 84 responses. Some of the contributions are very funny and if you have the time, I suggest you to read through them. It certainly brought back some memories for me having started out in the early DOS, Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 days.

Here is one response that was more in the form of a brief narrative that I found quite humorous. Have a look and see if you agree:

Submitted by NerdHerder entitled “Insufficient Funds”

“My college professor told me this story in the early 1980s. Professor asked the ATM for some cash and it replied “Insufficient Funds.” He checked his balance and saw he had plenty of money but it still refused to give him cash. He called the bank and talked to person after person until he was speaking to the programmer. Programmer searches the code for that error message and checks the causes. Programmer told professor that when the ATM runs out of cash, it has “Insufficient Funds.” Programmer promised to change the message text to make it clear that the ATM needs refilling, not the customer’s account.

The next time professor gets cash from his ATM, he did a double-take reading the receipt.

At the bottom was the remark, “Hi Bob, you have sufficient funds.”

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Please share any funny error messages you’ve encountered in your travels below:

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