Why Is SIEM Losing Steam?

A recent study reported by CIO magazine revealed SIEM challenges, saying that 1/3 of SIEM owners would stop using their current solution in favor of a more efficient and affordable solution. The study cited SIEM owner’s main complaints being:

  • Long-complex SIEM deployment
  • Long time before usable data was produced
  • Months of expensive consulting to get the product working
  • Two or more employees needed to maintain the SIEM

While some of these problems are probably due to SIEM being “oversold” by the vendors, some can’t be explained by overzealous sales people. As I mentioned in a previous post APT Threats Make Change Auditing More Critical Than Ever less than 8% of security breaches are discovered by the victim organization’s SIEM solution. My conclusion is that the cost and complexity of SIEM make it virtually impossible to implement it reliably.

If you have already invested in SIEM and want to make it more effective or if you simply want to replace your SIEM solution – the NetWrix platform can help. For more information on integrating you SIEM with the NetWrix Platform check out our SIEM integration page. If you are just tired of fighting you SIEM and want to replace it you are going to want to check out NetWrix Change Reporter product.

Robert is a former Director of Product Management at Netwrix. He combines 20 years of IT management and enterprise software experience to provide strategic vision to his high-performance teams through times of growth and change.