Fast and Simple DNS Auditing

Microsoft DNS (Domain Name Service) is the service for all computer name resolution for both the Internet and also for Microsoft’s Active Directory. Every web browser request, every Active Directory logon, every email that is routed touches DNS somehow. Within DNS every computer or web site is represented by an entry called a DNS record. These records associate a name with an address and the lookup of a name to find the proper address is the essence of Name Resolution.

You might be saying. “Ok, so tell me something I don’t know…”

With all those pesky DNS records and DNS’ complex configuration it is no surprise that sometimes things go wrong. Unfortunately troubleshooting DNS problems can be time consuming and difficult. Often the problem is a simple lack of communication between the various people who may be allowed to update DNS. While Microsoft did introduce some native logging, it is cryptic and provides no proactive reporting to.

One of the problems that NetWrix Windows Server Change Reporter solves is in helping you keep an eye on potentially dangerous changes being made to your DNS configuration and DNS records, thus providing you with effective DNS auditing. The subscription feature makes daily reports trivial to configure and so within several minutes of installing the product you can begin receiving DNS change status reports right in your inbox. For more information check out the web page of our Windows Server auditing solution.


Robert is a former Director of Product Management at Netwrix. He combines 20 years of IT management and enterprise software experience to provide strategic vision to his high-performance teams through times of growth and change.