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5 September, 2018 | Jeff Melnick

What Is Privilege Escalation?

Privilege escalation is a common threat vector for adversaries, which allows them to enter organizations’ IT infrastructure and seek permissions to steal sensitive data, disrupt operations and create backdoors for future attacks. Elevated privileges open doors for attackers to mess with security...
21 June, 2018 | Ryan Brooks

SysAdmin Magazine: Confessions of a Hacker

Hackers are always lurking nearby, ready to exploit any mistake you make in order to infiltrate your network. Stay one step ahead! Learn how they think, act and hide their nasty moves in the June edition of SysAdmin magazine. 4 Steps You Should Take If You Have Been Hacked A data breach...
15 May, 2018 | Jeff Melnick

Top 10 Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks

A cyber attack is any type of offensive action that targets computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks or personal computer devices, using various methods to steal, alter or destroy data or information systems. Today I’ll describe the 10 most common cyber attack...
5 January, 2016 | Michael Fimin

Top 5 cybercrime patterns to watch out for in 2016

Netwrix predictions: What types of cybercrime will potentially affect U.S. companies in the coming year. According to the Chronology of Data Breaches by Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit organization that aims to raise awareness about how technology affects personal privacy, the number of...
17 June, 2015 | Ken Hess

10 Security Tips for the US Government

The recent Office of Personnel Management (OPM) hack reveals that the US Government needs to significantly “up” its security game. Upping the game means that government security staff needs to impose greater restrictions on information access. But, one should ask, “Why were these secret...
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